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Welcome to the European Union (EU) Mobile identification interoperability group (e-Mobidig).

The group exists to bring together good practice and advice to member states in relation to developing and using mobile ID devices for police and immigration services. We are in the process of developing guides to help anyone with an interest, reflecting the experiences and contribution of participants in the group.

Establishing someone’s identity is central to immigration and police work. Mobile ID devices may for example be used in the street to check an identity someone is asserting—perhaps correctly, perhaps as a deception to avoid attention.

Whatever it can do, a mobile ID device must be used in accordance with the law of the country. The public are sensitive about privacy, but also expect the police and immigration services to be efficient in how they work and to be effective in protecting society by catching offenders.

Discussion is good. The meetings of the e-MOBIDIG group have consistently shown the value of bringing together the knowledge of different participants and thinking about future developments—between police and immigration services, between different member states, and with industry.

What makes a good mobile ID device? We continue to discuss that but it is already clear that it is important to see the operational problems as needing and end-to-end solution, not just about buying the latest, best, fastest, most feature-rich mobile device.